The Real Winter

Featured in Good Boy, Duke

Winter is my niece. I actually Good Boy, Duke book after her 12th birthday, so she's not long quite as cute as she is in these pictures. She's growing up so fast!

So how is the real Winter different from the adorable little girl in the book? Actually, they're pretty similar. The number one shared trait being that they both loved their first pet, Duke.

In fact, Winter thought Duke owned the house when she was a toddler! For years, anytime she referred to home, she called it "doggie house" because Duke was there more consistently than anyone else. Kid logic - it's the best!

While Winter is much older now and Duke passed away several years ago, she still remembers her old pal fondly.

Join in Winter's Fun!

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The Fictional Winter

Good Boy, Duke, Amanda Bowyer, Children's Books, Coloring Book

Winter was always a very cheerful baby and toddler - especially when it came to Duke - and I wanted to capture the throughout each scene.

My initial illustration took "joyful" and "fun" and turned it into "kinda crazy." I wasn't completely against the look, but my mom insisted that I have him change it.

I was actually quite concerned with the physical appearance of the girl and the continuity of her features as she ages throughout Good Boy, Duke. This is probably what I spent most of my time trying to figure out.