The Real Duke

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Featured in Good Boy, Duke

While she certainly knew better an the fictitious buffalo never materialized to take responsibility for their mistakes, my brother playfully insisted upon their existence throughout my entire childhood. It became one of my favorite family stories and I couldn't be happier to share this slightly modified version of it with you.


The Fictional Duke

When creating the Duke for my children's book, I tried to capture as much of  his real personality as possible. He was a very affectionate dog and always very attuned to the emotions of people around him, just like he is in the Good Boy, Duke.

While many of the "mistakes" fictional Duke makes in the book never happened, I did pull from real experiences when developing them. When I wrote about Duke dropping his food into Winter's crib because she's crying, for instance, I was actually remembering a story my mom once told about my uncle, Mike. As a toddler he would drop his toys into my mother's crib when she was upset (often hitting her in the head).

I was sure, however, to include a segment with digging, as the real Duke loved to dig holes in the back yard.