Here's where you can find exciting details about the various characters in my books and how each of them came to be. Most of my work is inspired by people I know or pets I've lived with.


Duke is a real dog my family owned when my niece was a toddler. He was amazing and everyone loved him.

Amanda Bowyer, Author


Alicia is one of my closest friends. While she has never been much into digging, she does love to cause trouble!

Amanda Bowyer, Author


Leesie is my obnoxious bulldog. There's absolutely no denying how adorable she is, but for every cute moment she has, there's ten more devilish ones.


Winter is my niece. Wasn't she an adorable little girl? Now she's a grumpy teenager...

Amanda Bowyer, Author


Todd is based on a stray dog my family found years ago. He's still around and is as sweet a creature as you can find.

Amanda Bowyer, Author


Anya was the first pup Ryan and I added to our family. She's just like she is in the book - Leesie is pretty much the bane of her existence.

Amanda Bowyer, Author


Shawn is my brother, although he spells it Sean. He really was a good kid - at least, kind of.

Amanda Bowyer, Author

The Dinosaurs

The dinosaurs are even based on something real! Real-ish, anyway. Aren't you curious?

Amanda Bowyer, Author


The mom in The Dinosaurs Did It is roughly based on my own mother. If not for the love and support of my mom, I wouldn't be writing and publishing books today.