The Dinosaurs Did It

Shawn was a good kid...that is, until the dinosaurs moved in! From broken vases and windows to ruined carpets and pies, Shawn's mom thinks he's the one who's responsible. After all, it's not easy to believe dinosaurs are to blame!

The Dinosaurs Did It is a children's book inspired by my brother, Sean. As a very young child, Sean would blame buffalo for the little mishap in his life. "The buffalo did it," he would tell my mom in order to get out of trouble. Of course the buffalo (and dinosaurs) weren't real...or were they?

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The Dinosaurs Did It - The Coloring Book

If you and your family enjoyed reading about Shawn and his troublesome dinosaurs, then you'll love The Dinosaurs Did It - The Coloring Book. You and your family are are sure to enjoy bring this story to colorful life, page after page. Just imagine how much fun it will be coloring each of Shawn's pesky dinosaur house guests!

The Dinosaurs Did It - The Coloring Book makes a wonderful gift for any child, dinosaur fan, or coloring fanatic!

Paperback Available

Did You Know?

The Dinosaurs Did It was the first children's book that I wrote? I used Kickstarter to help me generate interest in the story. Take a minute to view the original campaign here. Here's a look at the campaign video I made:

Kickstarter Campaign Video

I made two additional videos, one addressing the educational value of the book and the other discussing learning disabilities.

Educational Value Campaign Video

Learning Disabilities Campaign Video

So How'd It Turn Out?

The Dinosaurs Did It reached its goal of $500 and then some. While not all of the stretch goals were reached, the coloring book and bookmark were included as add-ons.

Amanda Bowyer, The Dinosaurs Did It, Author
Amanda Bowyer, The Dinosaurs Did It, Author

Since the campaign ended, all books and bookmarks have been delivered and I've heard nothing but good things from readers!

Who Did the Illustrations?

The artist for The Dinosaurs Did It is Bartolomeo Argentino. I found him on and couldn't be happier with how the illustrations turned out. He was a dream to work with and I highly recommend him if you're looking for are artist. Make sure you check out his profile if you get the chance!