Pup Pastries: Thanksgiving

Dogs are more than just pets; they are family. And what does family do at Thanksgiving? They eat as many yummy treats as possible! From pumpkin pie to turkey, November is a month full of some absolutely amazing eating.

While dogs can't eat the same Thanksgiving goodies you can, there are several treats you can make for them too. Pup Pastries: Thanksgiving is a collection of fantastic dog treats, all perfect for sharing this holiday with your adorable pup.

Not only are these recipes delicious, they're healthy too! Each highlights a specific ingredient so you can cook for your pup and learn about what foods are good for him at the same time.

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Pup Pastries: Christmas

Like Pup Pastries: Thanksgiving, this book is perfect for any dog owner concerned about processed dog products. You’ll be able to make all of these treats from home and some of them take a little as 10 minutes. No more worrying about ingredient lists or high store prices; now you will know exactly what goes into your dog’s system, keeping him healthier longer, and save money to boot!

Give your pup the gift of good eats this Christmas. You're sure to get lots of doggie love in return!

Paperback Available

eBook Available

Did You Know?

Pup Pastries: Christmas was the first book that I self-published. I sat down one morning and decided I wanted to write it, so I did! And I was don't with the majority of the text after just a single day. It was the formatting and figuring out how to self-publish that took the longest.

Why Are the Covers Different for the Paperback Version?

Oh, you noticed that did you? Good eye!

The covers for the eBook versions and the paperback versions are indeed different. This is because I designed the eBook covers myself using Photoshop without realizing they didn't comply with Createspace's cover requirements. Unfortunately, I've just not gotten around to fixing this particular issue yet. Just another "you live and you learn" moment all new authors are familiar with!