One Pouty Pup

Meet Leesie; she's the newest member of the Bowyer family and, boy, is she a handful! Like most puppies, Leesie wants to do things - like dig in the backyard, chew on the furniture, beg for scraps, and play with the cat. Unfortunately for Leesie, her new family members - mom, dad, and big sister, Anya - keep ruining all her puppy fun. Will this pouty pup ever learn how to behave?

One Pouty Pup is based on the real newest addition to the Bowyer household. She's an adorable little bulldog with a hugely stubborn personality. She knows what she wants and if she doesn't get it, you better believe you'll know it. While Leesie hasn't personally done all of the things depicted in this book, she has done more than her fair share of them!

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Did You Know?

Originally, I planned to do I Kickstarter campaign for One Pouty Pup as well, but the project came together much quicker than I anticipated. After completing my first two children's books, this one was a breeze. It is, however, a different size and that took some figuring out during the early stages of the project. Here are a few of the original sketches.

One Pouty Pup, Amanda Bowyer, Children's Book

More About the Illustrations

I used to find the illustrator for this project, ilithvalebali. Interestingly enough. the illustrator I used for The Dinosaurs Did It actually recommended the her and I think she did an amazing job with One Pouty Pup. I was particularly impressed with how wells she was able to capture what the real Leesie looks like.

Is There Going to Be a Coloring Book?

Unfortunately, there are no plans to make One Pouty Pup into a coloring book at this time. If I receive a lot of feedback requesting that one be made, I'll happily change my mind. Please contact me if this is something you're interested in!