Easy and Inexpensive DIY Garage Storage Shelves

Do you love DIY projects? Me too! I like crafting a lot, but building larger things is super fulfilling. In fact, I look at construction projects like they’re just big craft projects. If you’re itching for your next DIY project, make sure you check out the DIY garage storage shelves my husband and I made.

I picked a house with a large garage specifically for my online retail and Renaissance business. To store all of my product, I needed a really fantastic storage system. But shelves are expensive! Way too expensive for me, so we made these instead.

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They look great, right? Super functional. We actually made several of them.

We installed these awesome storage shelves along every wall in my garage. And we couldn’t be happier with the way they all turned out. Not only are they a breeze to make, they aren’t as expensive as store-bought alternatives, they’re bigger and can hold more, and they’ll last a whole lot longer. A single trip to Lowe’s will have you set and ready to get started.

Another thing I really like about these DIY garage storage shelves is that you’re able to make as many of them as your space can hold. For me, that meant putting them along every wall in my garage. You, on the other hand, probably want to utilize at least some of your garage for parking your car. Totally fine. One or two of these shelves will do. It’s also easy to adjust the size of the shelves. I needed to store mostly totes, so I adjusted the height accordingly. When measured out correctly, you can actually fit up to 16 regular-sized storage totes on a single shelf!

Want to learn how to make these easy DIY garage storage shelves for your home? I just posted a great tutorial on my crafting blog, DIYing to Share. Go check it out!

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