The Amanda Bowyer Author Website Is Officially Live

Welcome to the Amanda Bowyer website! I’m super excited to have you here…but where exactly is here anyway? If you know me, you know I have a number of different websites/blogs already.

With so many, why do I need another one? I’ve got my hands in a lot of pots and I’m always working on something new, but it’s always felt a little disjointed to me. I know each of my sites has it’s own identity and should be separate, but I’ve also wanted a place where everything can kind of live together as well. Not to mention that there are some topics I’d like to write about that simply don’t fit on my previously created sites.

Additionally, I used to house all of my personal writing ventures on Bowyer Writes Words – but that’s not exactly where they belong. Bowyer Writes Words is intended for potential employers and other aspiring freelance writers. While my creative writing and self-publishing efforts are similar, that site isn’t meant for book sales.

To sum-up, Amanda Bowyer .com is my author website and quasi home base; where everything I do comes together to party, as it were.


So what exactly can you expect to find here? I’ll tell you!

My Published Books

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

I love to write and over the last couple of years I’ve began self-publishing some of my books. So far, I’ve completed two children’s books (with several more on the way) and a series of dog treat recipe books called Pup Pastries. You can find out more about my books or access a small shop I put together from this website.

Upcoming Projects and Release Information

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

I’m constantly working on new projects, from children’s books to full-length novels. I’ll be posting regularly here about what I’m working on and how it’s going. If you want to receive updates via email, sign up for my mailing list. You’ll also get a free PDF copy of my book The Dinosaurs Did It.

Interesting Tidbits About My Stories

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

I love learning things about the books I enjoy. Tidbits about story development, characters, art, and publishing have always fascinated me. You’ll be able to find all of that stuff here, including awesome pages with information about each of my characters.

Tips for Aspiring Authors

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

While Bowyer Writes Words will host most of my freelance writing and publishing information, I’ll be linking to articles geared towards authors, as well as writing a few additional pieces about self-publishing. Freelance writing and creative writing are very, very different beasts – although sometimes they overlap. I happen to be interested in both, but I know not everyone is. Hosting primarily author-related materials here is my way of separating the two.

Recipe Suggestions

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

Writing tips will be intermingled within life stuff, like yummy recipes! If you don’t know already, Ryan and I are primarily pescetarians. We eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but will occasionally add seafood to the mix. This was a pretty hard transition for me and I had difficulty finding dishes that we both enjoyed. Over the years, however, I’ve compiled and tweaked a number of amazing vegetarian/pescetarian recipes and I’m really looking forward to sharing them!

Crafting Projects

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

My DIYing to Share blog is where you can find a lot of my crafting tutorials, but there are a few things I want to explore in depth – like candle-making and the Waxy Wenches Candle Company I just started with my friend Melody. Together we make hand-poured, 100% soy, Renaissance-themed candles to sell at fairs and online.

Our website is still in production, but I’ll be adding a link to it soon. My hope is to provide some insider information on candle-making, as well as promote the various fairs we’ll be attending.

Travel Ideas

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

If you know me, you know I get around…now don’t be rude…you know I was referring to travel – it was in the heading for goodness sake. I don’t currently have a website dedicated to travel and I doubt very much that I will anytime soon. I do, however, have some amazing travel stories and advice to share (our love for car camping for example). So the Amanda Bowyer site is where I’ll be posting about travel shenanigans, advice, and maybe a product review or two.

Online Course Details

Amanda Bowyer, books, author

I also enjoy creating educational materials on topics I’m interested in / have learned a lot about. I’ve already completed a couple courses and am working on several more. Some of them will be relevant to authors and some of them won’t be – but they’ll all be listed on the Amanda Bowyer website for easy access.

Free Stuff Friday

Wait…free stuff…what!?


Wait…free stuff…what!?

This is a little something I want to try out. One Friday every month, I’m going to send all of my subscribers a free gift. It might be coloring book pages from one of my books, free access to one of my courses, or even a PDF of my books (you can get The Dinosaurs Did It for free now!). You only get the perks if you’re part of my mailing list, though, so make sure you sign up!

And that’s about it. Basically, this is my official author website with some extra stuff thrown on top for fun. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact me. If you want updates about the my going-ons or find anything I’ve mentioned in this post particularly interesting, make sure you sign up for the Amanda Bowyer mailing list.

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